Naturally Slim Spring 2014

Naturally Slim - More on The Amazing, Life Altering Results of Spring 2014

  • Nearly 60% of participants with Metabolic Syndrome (MetS) (had three or more biometrics out of range) MOVED OUT of Metabolic Syndrome
  • All of the following risk factors improved:
    • reduced waist circumference - 6%
    • reduced triglycerides - 38%
    • increased HDL, the "good cholesterol" - 24%
    • lowered Blood Pressure - 61%
    • Since Baylor began the Naturally Slim program in the spring 2012, the overall MetS reversal rate for all programs is 61%! This compares to the Naturally Slim overall book of business with a MetS reversal at 43%. Whatever Baylor faculty and staff are doing, keep up the great work!
REASONS to consider going through a Naturally Slim program:
1) It is about positive behavior modification to establish better eating habits based on research and decades of practical experience;
2) It's a "can do" program with simple, easy to recall guidelines;
3) It's a fun opportunity to pursue with your Baylor colleagues or spouse. The instructor, Marcia Upson, makes it fun with her friendly style and good humor;
4) YOU reap the greatest benefit - better health and feeling good;
5) If is absolutely free ($500 value), new and repeat participants can be PAID for completing the program!
6) IT WORKS, with success rates higher rate than most "programs". Post program participant evaluations indicate over 90% of are satisfied with Naturally Slim.

All Naturally Slim alumni participants can continue to improve and sustain by participating in the seven week Naturally Slim Advanced program concurrently with the regular Naturally Slim "Foundations" programs. Since the first round of Naturally Slim in Spring 2012, just under 1000 Baylor faculty and staff and or their spouse have participated in this movement and nearly 450 have participated in the "alumni" program for sustained results. Sic'em Bears!

Successful program completion
  • Foundations participants*: obtaining the pre- and post-program biometric screenings and completing at least 8 of the 10 on-line Naturally Slim sessions. This gets you a $100 incentive, paid at the end of the program.
  • Alumni participants (New): completing at least 5 of the 7 online Advanced Naturally Slim sessions gets you a $40 incentive, paid at the end of the program! Alumni who successfully complete both spring and fall programs can cumulatively receive $80.

*"Participant" is defined as anyone who enrolled in and was "accepted" in the Foundations program and did not withdraw prior to the application deadline and/or maybe only completed a few sessions. If you fall into this category, please be encouraged because the alumni program is mostly a review and can be just as easily learned and applied as the first program. In addition, your Baylor colleagues that have completed the program, as well as the Naturally Slim support system "NS Town," both serve as a resource to help you with any ongoing questions.

Next Naturally Slim Opportunity: Fall 2014 - Look for information in the August 2014 HR Advisory!

To enroll, log in, or find more information about Baylor's Naturally Slim program, please visit