Baylor Family Compassion Fund

During the United Way Campaign, we have a unique opportunity to help our Baylor Family directly. The Baylor Family Compassion Fund was first envisioned with our 2010 campaign, created to help members of the Baylor Family. Initial contributions were strong, and we have continued to build the base fund steadily thanks to the generosity of the Baylor faculty and staff. In addition to donations through the United Way Campaign, the Baylor Family Compassion Fund can now receive donations made by Baylor faculty and staff and others as a direct donation to the fund. For more details about how to donate directly, please contact Randall Brown. As we look ahead and remember tragedies of the past, Baylor faculty and staff will be able to make a difference through allocations to those in need, right here in our Baylor Family. If you know someone who needs assistance - Baylor faculty, staff, official retiree or vendor partner - please direct them here. Specifically, this fund is intended to help Baylor faculty, staff, and our contract partners such as Aramark, Crothall, Mail Max, IKON, Follett and Texas Urban Enterprises who find themselves in crisis with no other means of support.

For example, imagine a member of the Baylor family who has a child with a rare form of cancer that requires special treatment in Dallas or Houston. Health insurance will likely cover the child's medical treatment, but depending on the parents' financial situation, this family may not be able to afford a hotel room, meals or gas for the trip. The Baylor Family Compassion Fund would be able to provide this type of assistance. Most awards will likely be from $100 to $500.

Through the generosity of faculty and staff the Baylor Family Compassion Fund will continue to grow. When giving to the United Way, there is an option available to direct 5% of the total gift to go to the Baylor Family Compassion Fund. Simply check the heart-shaped box for this voluntary designation. If this box is not checked none of the gift will be directed to the Compassion Fund.

As pledges continue to build the fund through the year ahead, the Compassion Fund Committee, comprised of faculty and staff, will be able to provide information on how individuals can apply to receive these funds. The Compassion Fund is intended to serve as a 'safety net' when an individual has explored all other avenues for assistance. Individual decisions about allocations will be made by the committee comprised of Baylor faculty and staff who will work directly with the university for distribution.

If you are in a financial situation where you can consider making your gift count towards the Baylor Family Compassion Fund, please do so. Through the United Way, the Baylor Family is helping people here.


Baylor Family Compassion Fund


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