FMLA - Process Steps

An individual's need for FMLA may be planned or unplanned. When practical, an individual should submit the FMLA Request/Action Form to their supervisor at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of their FMLA. The following steps will guide an individual through this process.

Step 1: Read the FMLA Policy

Step 2: Submit the FMLA Request and Action Form to supervisor.

Step 3: Provide the Health Care Provider(s) with a copy of Baylor's FMLA Policy and the Certification of Health Care Provider Form

Step 4: The Health Care Provider(s) should return the completed Certification of Health Care Provider Form directly to Human Resources.

Step 5: Human Resources will review the FMLA Request/Action Form and the Certification of Health Care Provider Form(s).

Step 6: Human Resources will notify the individual and their supervisor that their FMLA Request has either been approved or denied.

Step 7: If the FMLA request is approved:

  • Faculty members will be paid in accordance with their contract.

  • Staff members should review their leave accrual balances (sick, personal, vacation) to determine if they have accrued enough paid time to cover the period of time that they will be on FMLA. Shared Sick Leave may also be available.

Step 8: While a faculty or staff member is on FMLA, they will be responsible for providing periodic updates on their leave status to Human Resources. The frequency of such updates will be specified on the approval notification that is sent to the faculty or staff member. The FMLA Leave Tracking form should be used for tracking the number of FMLA hours used and reporting that information to Human Resources.

Step 9: Prior to returning to work, the faculty or staff member on FMLA will be required to provide Human Resources with a statement from their Health Care Provider that specifies the date that they will be released to return to work, and if applicable, restrictions and duration of the stated restrictions. (Note: It is possible for a faculty or staff member to return to work, and continue to be covered under FMLA on an intermittent basis.) The Fitness for Duty Certification form may be used for reporting the Health Care Provider's statement.