Employee Tuition Remission

One year of continuous regular full time faculty or staff member service with Baylor is required to be eligible for tuition remission. Full-time regular faculty or staff can receive a 100 percent tuition remission benefit for maximum of 2 courses, no more than 8 hours, during any semester (or the combined summer session) that would apply to an undergraduate or graduate degree. Courses for the purpose of employee development can also be covered under tuition remission.

All students (employees, spouse, and children) must follow normal University registration procedures to enroll for classes and be in good academic standing with the university. Before applying for Tuition Remission, the student must have an active student record with Admissions or, for graduate classes, with the Graduate School. During the application process, if you receive a message indicating the student does not have an active student record, contact the Registrar, 254-710-1814, for undergraduate or the Graduate School, 254-710-3584, for graduate classes to confirm active student status.

If you would like to apply for the Tuition Remission benefit, log on to the Tuition Remission Application and follow the instructions provided there. The electronic tuition remission application must be completed prior to the first day of class.

In support of the Employee Tuition Remission Policy, and as a reference, Baylor has a Section 127 Education Assistance Plan document that supports the fact that Baylor provides qualified education assistance for the exclusive benefit of its employees.

Additional Information

BU-PP 450a Employee Tuition Remission Policy