Health Promotions from BCBS

BlueCross BlueShield offers resources and tools for health and wellness information. Use the BCBS tools and Blue Access for Members to help manage your health and make informed health care decisions.

  • Baylor's medical benefit encourages proactive health care with annual physical and vaccinations at the cost of office visit.

  • Dietitian counseling service is available via an office visit to provide access to specialized counseling to encourage proactive/preventive health care.

  • Blue Access for Members includes online programs and tools for: Personal Health Manager, tools to manage and improve personal health

  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA) is a comprehensive questionnaire including biometrics, which provides the user a report on areas of improvement.

  • Blue Points are points earned for completing HRA and other health related activity. The Blue Points can be redeemed gift cards or other items.

  • On-line Ask a Nurse, Ask a Trainer, Ask a Dietitian, Ask a Life Trainer. Also you can Ask a Nurse 24/7 through telephonic access, which helps divert cases from the ER.

  • Disease and Chronic Health Management Programs encourages voluntary participation for response to BCBS outreach (mail and phone) to help participants determine if they are managing their health needs effectively and efficiently.

  • Discounted gym memberships provide alternatives to the Student Life Center. The discount is available at the following facilities: Waco Regional Tennis and Fitness Center, Gold’s Gym and Titan’s Fitness.