Employment Paperwork Details

Important notes about completing/printing paperwork on-line:

• To view, complete and print these forms you will need the Adobe Acrobat Reader software on your computer. To download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader click here.

• There are links for each of the forms below. Most forms are "fill-able" online, but not "save-able". If you close the window that contains the form, any information you have typed will be lost. Be sure to print your completed forms before closing the window.

• You can use the TAB key to navigate between spaces on the forms.

• If you have questions regarding any of the forms, you will have a chance to ask them during The Bear Essentials. If you prefer, you may wait to sign the forms until after your questions are answered.

You will review, complete and print the forms listed below, then bring them with you to The Bear Essentials on your first day. If you do not have access to a printer, please email askHR@baylor.edu so that we may prepare a packet for your signature.

Form I-9

Complete section 1 of this form online, on or before your first day of work. If you cannot do so prior to your arrival in HR, you will have the opportunity to do so in the HR office at the end of The Bear Essentials.

NOTE: Please pay particular attention to the List of Acceptable Documents here.

Bring the required original, unexpired documents - either one item from list A OR one item each from lists B AND C - with you to The Bear Essentials in order to complete section 2 with an authorized HR associate.
**Failure to provide acceptable documents will affect your employment status.**

Form W-4

Use the detailed instructions and complete this form on-line, then print it for your signature, OR print it and complete it by hand.The link above will take you to the government website with the current year's form.

Personnel Information Form

Complete this form on-line and then print. NOTE: This is the first of several forms needing your Bear ID number. If you have not been provided your Bear ID, you will receive it at The Bear Essentials,and can add it at that time.

Request for Deposit of Payroll Earnings

Complete this form on-line and print a copy for your signature, OR print the form and complete it by hand. Attach a voided check to the printed form for the account(s) where you would like to have your pay check deposited, OR enter the bank information on the form.

Electronic Form W-2 Election

Complete this form online and print a copy for your signature to authorize receipt of an electronic version of your year-end Form W-2 rather than a paper copy.

Self Identification Disclosure

Read this form, check boxes as appropriate, then print it for your signature.

Payroll Deduction Authorization

Read this form then print for your initials and signature.

Copies of Unofficial Transcripts

Unofficial transcripts are required for all positions requiring a degree, with the exception of Baylor transcripts or transcripts previously submitted to our office.

Memorandum of Understanding

Please review each item listed on this form make sure you understand what is required of you. There is a copy for your records and a copy to submit with your paperwork packet.

Employment Paperwork Packet
To download all employment paperwork in a PDF-fillable format, click the link below:

Staff Employment Paperwork Packet