Staff Performance Appraisal & Planning

Evaluation of employees’ work is a key component of performance management. While informal evaluation and conversations occur throughout the year through planning and developing employees’ work, all staff members participate in the annual Staff Performance Appraisal & Planning Process. The Performance Appraisal & Planning Process will take place in BaylorCompass, Baylor’s Career Management Resource System. For more details on how to complete the steps below, please refer to the appropriate guide:

Performance Appraisal Steps


The annual process takes place in the spring with a review of the past year - June of last year to May of this year - and plans for the upcoming year. Please refer to the Staff Performance Appraisal Schedule for more details of evaluation timeline based on employee dates of hire/transfer.

    March - Planning and preparation


    • Process opens in BaylorCompass - April 1
    • Employees complete Performance Appraisal form in BaylorCompass - Recommended by April 15
    • Managers complete Performance Appraisal form in BaylorCompass, review by Second-Level Managers and possible up-line reviews - Recommended by May 15

    April - May
    • Performance conversations take place
    • Employees Sign-off on form in BaylorCompass
    • Managers sign-off on form in BaylorCompass

    June 15 - All performance appraisals due

    Summer - Merit compensation process (informed by Performance Appraisal Process)

Tools for Planning & Preparation

Related Baylor University Personnel Policies:

Staff Performance Appraisal and Planning - BU-PP 804

Note for Managers: Should an employee’s work or conduct not meet expectations and initial coaching efforts prove unsuccessful in soliciting improvement, the manager should contact their HR Client Relationship Manager to develop a plan for corrective action. More information can be found on the Corrective Action page.


The Annual Performance Appraisal & Planning Process is to be completed and signed off in BaylorCompass by
June 15, 2015.