Merit Increase Process

Merit Pay is one way to recognize an employee's performance as conveyed through the annual performance evaluation. To make the most of the performance and planning discussion, performance management training sessions are now available. If you are an employee or supervisor and would like to attend a training session, please register through the HR Center for Learning and Leadership. In addition, individuals are welcome to consult with a Human Resources Consultant (CRM).

The performance evaluation and planning document will be required of employees hired or transferred into new positions according to the schedule below:

  • All staff performance evaluation and planning documents covering the period of June 1 to May 31 are due no later than June 15th. Completion of the document and the pursuing discussion are key initial steps in the merit increase process. Therefore, it is critical that all staff performance evaluation and planning documents are completed in BaylorCompass by this deadline.

  • Instructions for completing and submitting the performance and planning document are accessible on the Human Resources' website. Please note that employees who were hired after April 30, or who received salary adjustments after April 30 due to transfers or promotions, are not eligible to receive an annual merit increase.

  • This annual raise process is for merit increases only. Promotions and upgrades should be submitted through BearQuest. The requests for promotions and upgrades should not have an effective date between June 1 or September 1, unless approved by an Executive Council member as mission critical.

Performance Evaluation and Planning