4-Year Planning Guides

If you are a premed student in the Honors Program, the following 4-year planning guides can help you sequence your premed and Honors classes.

Honors Program Premed Planner

Honors Program Premed Planner - Early Research

University Scholars Premed Planner

BIC & Honors Program Premed Planner

4 Year Fillable PreHealth Planning Template

PreHealth Activity Log Template

Additional prehealth planners can be found on the Baylor prehealth studies web site.

Baylor Prehealth Programs


Committee Letter Process & Workshops

The Baylor Premedical/Predental Committee Letter process is designed to prepare students for the medical/dental school application process. Eligible students should begin the committee process during the fall semester of the year prior to applying to professional schools. Please click here for further information about this process and upcoming workshops hosted by the PreHealth Studies Office.


Prehealth Scholarships

The Office of Prehealth studies offers several scholarship opportunities for Pre-Medicine and Pre-Dentistry undergraduate students. Only Juniors (60-89 hours) and Seniors (90+ hours) are eligible for these scholarships. All scholarships are merit-based, and to be competitive a student should have a 3.5 or above overall GPA. Most of these scholarships require that a student have a FAFSA on file with the Student Financial Aid Office. Please click here for more information and to apply.


Study Abroad

Are you interested in studying abroad as a premed student? Consider Baylor Premed in Dublin. This program is designed for sophomore students on the typical premed track.




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