Honors and Prehealth Students

As a prehealth Honors student, it is important that you stay on track with your preprofessional requirements. These preprofessional requirements may or may not line up with the requirements for your major, but your academic advisor will make sure that you make satisfactory progress in all academic areas.

Unique opportunities for prehealth students include First Year Seminars and Honors sections of required science classes. Many seminars are organized around prehealth themes, though you are free to take any seminar of interest to you. Honors science classes will prepare you for engaging in scientific research. Students interested in such research take at least two Honors science classes during their freshman and sophomore years.

Premed/Predental Fall Schedule

If you are premed or predental, your fall schedule will likely include the following classes:
- BIO 1305 and 1105 - Mod Concepts of Bioscience w/ lab;
- CHE 1301 and 1101 - Modern Chemistry w/ lab;
- MTH 1321 - Calculus I;
- FYS 1399 - First Year Seminar;
- PHP 1105 - Foundations of Medicine (if premed), or another class required for your major;
- CHA 1088 or 1090 or 1091 - Chapel;

Adjustments to the typical premed/predental schedule

If you have credit for Calculus, then you should take another class required for your degree or premed/predent. Good options include Christian Scriptures, REL 1310 (Honors section available), a foreign language, or Logic, PHI 1306 (Honors available). Logic is highly recommended as preparation for the MCAT or DAT exam.

If you have AP credit for Biology (4 or 5) or Chemistry (4 or 5), then we generally advise dropping the lab but retaking the lecture in an Honors section if at all possible. This will allow you to fill in any gaps in your scientific understanding, introduce you to advanced concepts that will help you with future research, and allow you to interact with professors and students who will be your greatest support system going forward.

If you are living in Earle Hall, there are designated sections of Biology, Chemistry, and Calculus that you might need to take. In that case, you should plan on taking an Honors science class in a future semester.

University Scholars will take GTX 2301, either in place of, or along with, an FYS class. Your University Scholars advisor will help you determine which is the best course of action.

If certain recommended classes are not available, your academic advisor will work with you to schedule alternative classes that keep you on track with your academic goals.

A 4-year premed planner can be found here: https://www.baylor.edu/honorsprogram/doc.php/357063.pdf


These preprofessional programs largely follow the premed/predental fall schedule. These students would not take PHP 1105, however.

Prephysical and Preoccupational Therapy

The programs undertake a different sequence of classes than what is noted above. Your advisor will work to make sure you are on track with those requirements as well as those required for your major and Honors.

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