Examples of Outstanding Theses

Below are a number of Honors theses that have been designated as "Outstanding" during the thesis defense. While students are encouraged to examine these projects, it is important to realize that every thesis project is unique, and one's own thesis will differ in significant ways from all other theses.

Also, current Honors Program students should not necessarily use these examples as formatting guides. Thesis formatting guidelines are regularly updated, so what was acceptable formatting in one year may not be appropriate in a following year. Thus, when trying to determine proper formatting of the Honors thesis, it is necessary for a student to reference the latest thesis formatting handbook available online at https://www.baylor.edu/honors_program/index.php?id=26145.


Outstanding Theses in the Humanities

Aberin, Ariadne
Mining the Prospects of Community Literacy: A Tentative Model for University-Community Collaboration

Berry, Nathaniel
Just and Unjust Soldiers

Byrd, Cameron
A Priori Laws and the External World

Carver, Jessie
A Musical Interpretation of Dante Alighieri's Divina Commedia

Graves, Victoria
Transitioning from romance to mélodie: An Analysis of Hector Berlioz’s La captiv

Jeffrey, Josh
The Lens Through Which Ye See: Philosophy of Time in the Works of C.S. Lewis

Kappelmann, Kirsten Marie
Proportioning Theistic Belief: Approaches to Faith, Reason, and Evidence

Kim, Jaehyun
A Healing God Comes to Rome: Aesculapius and the Effects of the Arrival of His Cult

Kozitza, Evangeline
A Hermeneutical Harmonic: The Four Canticles of Luke's Gospel as a Symphony of OT and NT Theological Themes

Margheim, Stephen
Banking on Friendship: Mercantile Language and Epicureanism in Horace's Odes Concerning Vergil

Perry, Emma
An Annotated Translation of Part 1 of Kokoro: Sensei and I

Pomeroy, Samuel Arthur
Praying Towards Deification: A Study in the Theology of Contemplation

Smith, Erika
"Wisdom, Which Alone Is Truly Fair": Education and Government in Milton's Prose Tracts and Paradise Lost

Walker, Brandon
What Makes Moral Claims True? Korsgaard versus Brewer on Meta-Ethics and Practical Unity

Wyns, Vanessa
Mysterious Elements: A Studio Art Thesis


Outstanding Theses in the Sciences

Aleman, Christine
Effects of Capsaicin and Evodiamine Ingestion on Energy Expenditure and Lipid Oxidation at Rest and After Moderately-Intense Exercise in Men

Barnes, Will
Astrophysical Applications of Dusty Plasma Physics

Bauer, Evan
Simulation Studies of the Time Digitizer for the CMS Hadron Calorimeter Upgrade

Floruta, Crina
A Correlation Between Autism and Epilepsy: A Study of Social Behavior in PTEN Knockout Mice

Fox, Gregg
Investigating Inhibitory Synergy between Blue Light Irradiation and Antibiotic Treatment of Staphylococcus aureus

Goldammer, Taylor
The Effect of Penetratin and Silica Capping Agents on Silver Nanoparticle Cellular Uptake in a Caco-2 cell line

King, Westin
On the Goldbach Conjecture

Kirby, Matthew L.
Thermal Degradation as a Function of Time and Temperature in a Coconut Shell Powder-Polypropylene Composite

Morrison, Jessica
The Role of the mTOR Pathway in Learning and Memory

Mui, Uyen Ngoc
The Role of Spectraplakin in Drosophila Photoreceptor Morphogenesis

Naumann, Matthew
Cobalt(III), Chromium(III), Glutathione, and Their Relevance to the Glucose Tolerance Factor

Quehl, Thomas
Pediatric Heat Stress Injuries and Death in Vehicle Trunk Entrapments: Internal Trunk Temperatures Can Rapidly Reach Lethal Levels

Rieke, Benjamin
Nursing Perceptions of Acute Physiological Decline

Schultze, Adam
Knot Equivalence Through Braids and Rational Tangles

Soeung, Victoria
Biochemical Studies of Cathepsin B and Cruzain Inhibitors Sharing a Thiosemicarbazone Moiety


Outstanding Theses in the Social Sciences/Business

Corning, Hannah
Same-Sex Marriage: A Constitutional and Social Debate

Damoiseaux, Jolene
Approaching Barriers to Health Center Deliveries in Rural Western Kenya from a Liberation Theology Perspective: A Community-Based Needs Assessment

Firminger, Brianna N.
NFIB v. Sebelius: An Analysis of the Individual Mandate in the Affordable Care Act

Hasala-Shooks, Dresden
An agent of lasting desistance: Toward a restorative justice framework for American criminal justice

Hinn, Kristan
Crisis Management in Nonprofit Organizations

Hyde, Callie
Equality or Liberty: an Examination of Obergefell v. Hodges

Jang, Daniel
Social Bonding Theory, Model Minority Stereotype, and Differences in Drug Use between Whites and Asians

McCallum, Matthew
The Pirate's Moral Compass: Religion, Morality, Underage Drinking, and Illegal Music Downloading

Morgan, Ashley
'Innocent Victims' or 'Criminal Aliens?': A Critique of Trafficking Discourse and Policy in the United States

Nye, Barret Jackson
Cartels: The New Face of Mexico's Democracy

Pike, Meagan
The Perceptions of Teacher Status and Impact on the American Educational System

Seto, Elizabeth
Associations Between Self-Reported Narcissism, Self-Esteem, and Social-Emotional Functions of Facebook

Sherhart, Erika
The Bullwhip Effect: Recognizing the Phenomenon and Mitigating It Using the Theory of Constraints Illustrated by a Case Study from British Petroleum

Stokes, Kelsey
The Impact of the Factory Model of Education in Central Texas

Swift, Matthew
Reexamining the Effects of State Religion on Religious Service Attendance

Tichenor, Emily
Children's Discourse in a Problem-Solving Setting: A Cross-Gender Analysis

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