Thesis documents (syllabus, defense forms, etc.)

Thesis Formatting Guidelines

You can learn more about the thesis project undertaken during your junior and senior year on the Thesis Formatting Guidelines page. There are a number of important documents linked on this page, including the syllabus  for HON 4V87, Guidelines for Formatting an Honors Thesis, and Guidelines for the Oral Defense & Submission of the Honors Thesis.


Library Resources

A list of library personnel who can direct you to pertinent sources of information in the library or online. Also, if you are having troubling creating a thesis defense committee, these faculty members can sometimes serve as a third reader on your committee.


Thesis Abstracts

Here is a collection of recent thesis abstracts indicative of the kinds of research and creative work pursued by Honors Program students as part of the thesis project. Browse through this list if you are curious about the kind of project that you might undertake.


Scheduling Calculator

Need help scheduling the thesis project? Do you find yourself always playing catch-up with various thesis deadlines? This Scheduling Calculator from the Baylor University Libraries will help you develop a timeline for writing each chapter, or for any other writing assignment that you might have. The calculator works best if you use the calculator to develop a schedule for each chapter rather than for the entire thesis. 


Other Important Documents

This page  contains additional information regarding the thesis project.  Of particular interest are links  to the syllabus for thesis hours, HON 4V87, as well as guidelines for the oral defense and submission of the final copy of the thesis. 


Thesis Orientation Meeting, 1-25-2021

Need a little motivaton to work on the thesis?


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