List of Honors classes
Sample List of Honors Courses on Offer

This page will direct you to a listing of Honors courses on offer during the next (or the present) academic term. During the freshman and sophomore years, Honors students must complete an average of two Honors courses per semester. Such Honors classes adapt the content of many required introductory courses to the academic capabilities of Honors students, for whom they are reserved. Credit for Honors sections also may be acquired by arranging individualized Honors contracts to complete supplemental reading, writing, or discussion with professors in non-Honors classes. Contact the Honors Program office for more details.

Also listed here are upper-level courses offered by the Honors Program; these "HON" courses include the Colloquium and Independent Readings course sequences, as well as the series of one-credit-hour Honors Thesis courses usually taken during the senior year.

Overview of Standard Honors Program Curriculum

The document linked above maps out the usual trajectory for completing all the requirements of Baylor's Honors Program, commencing with the first year of study and concluding with the senior year and the defense of the Honors thesis. Note that some variations on this standard curriculum are possible with the approval of a program director.

Details of Honors Program Curriculum

The specific requirements of the Honors Program curriculum are best considered in two stages: first, the lower-division portion of the program, completed by Honors students during their first two years of study at Baylor; and second, the upper-division sequence of Honors work, completed during the final two or two-and-a-half years.

Lower-Division Honors
Upper-Division Honors
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