Archived News – January 2012

Jamie Gianoutsos Jordan ('06), Bachelor of Arts in both Political Science and Great Texts, is an Honors College alumna who returned to campus in fall 2011 to address prospective students at Invitation to Excellence. Full copy of Jordan's speech ("Don't Ask What You Can Do With Your Education, Ask What It Will Do With You")

Upon graduation, Jordan went on to Queen's University Belfast in Ireland to earn her master's in English, and then to the University of Cambridge in England to earn her master's in history. She is now at Johns Hopkins University pursuing a doctorate in history with an emphasis in British intellectual history from 1500-1800.

Jordan was awarded the Marshall Scholarship, a prestigious award that fully funds up to 40 students per year to study in the United Kingdom. The scholarship covers university fees, living expenses, an annual book grant, research and daily travel grants, fares to and from the United States and, where applicable, a contribution toward the support of a spouse. Jordan's award covered both her master's degrees.
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