MD Anderson Internship

This competitive 10-week summer research program is designed for outstanding Baylor University undergraduate students interested in learning more about cancer research and treatment. The program will provide education in a broad range of topics including cancer biology, prevention, and therapeutics, and students will complete a mentored summer research project. Students will be selected for participation by an internal committee at Baylor University; subsequently, selected students will be placed in a variety of research labs at MD Anderson by the University Outreach Summer Programs administrators. This will require a second application process, only completed by the selected students. The second application is required to help our MD Anderson colleagues place the selected students in their labs.

The most successful applicants will have demonstrated success in STEM coursework (3.75 BCPM GPA or above). These students will also possess career goals that include a Ph.D. or M.D./Ph.D in the biological sciences or, secondarily, the desire to explore a medical career in oncology. Preference is shown to members of the Honors Program at Baylor University, to low socioeconomic status or first-generation college students, and to students who have demonstrated understanding of the nature of laboratory research (i.e. coursework exploring the nature of biological research, heavy emphasis in coursework in molecular and cellular biology, honors STEM coursework, participation in course-based undergraduate research, or other laboratory experience). Enrollment in either BIO 3342, CHE 4342, BIO 4306 or an approved upper-level neuroscience, statistics, or engineering course in spring is an additional requirement of the program. Most importantly, we are looking for students who will make a great professional impression on their faculty so that Baylor is invited to continue participating.

Students are responsible for their own housing and living expenses for the summer. The Honors College will provide a summer stipend of $2,500. Upon your return and pending satisfactory participation in the program, you will also be granted a $2,000 scholarship for the following academic year.

Application requirements:

  • A science-focused CV or resume (with appropriate file name as described in the application)
  • An unofficial copy of your transcript (with appropriate file name as described in the application)
  • A one-page maximum personal essay (instructions are offered in the Qualtrics application)
  • A brief response (2,100 characters maximum) describing which MD Anderson investigator’s research interests you and why. ***You will most likely not be paired with this person. This is an intellectual exercise only.***  
  • The email addresses of two Baylor science professors who are aware of our application and willing to write a letter of recommendation as needed (they will only need to submit the letter if you are selected)

We recommend writing your essays separately before attempting to complete the application because your work will be lost if you exit the site without submitting; you are welcome to scroll through the questions before beginning.

Apply here. Applications are due Dec 2, 2022 at 11:59 pm