Academic Honors Week

Printable Recognitions

The J. Harry and Anna Jeanes Academic Honors Week marks one of the annual highlights of our spring semester. Now in its twenty-eighth year, the week features thesis research presentations by seniors, a celebratory banquet for Honors Program and University Scholars Program seniors and their mentors, and the Academic Honors Convocation. During Convocation, we recognize outstanding students from departments across the University, honor Phi Beta Kappa inductees, and announce the Cornelia Marschall Smith Outstanding Professor of the Year. Together, these activities bring commendable attention to transformative undergraduate education at its best.

With real regret, Academic Honors Week, planned for April 20-24, 2020, is cancelled as part of our University-wide response to the Coronavirus pandemic. We truly will miss the occasion to celebrate academic excellence of a high order among our undergraduates.

The following faculty member and students deserve recognition for their accomplishments.

Faculty Recognition

Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year Award

Andrea L. Dixon
Associate Professor and Director of the Keller Center and Center for Professional Selling
Hankamer School of Business

Student Recognitions

Wilson Thesis Award Winners 2019

Humanities: Jamie Wheeler

Social Sciences: Kendall Curtis

Physical and Life Sciences: Siena Condon

Undergraduate Members Elected 2019-2020 Academic Year to Phi Beta Kappa, Zeta of Texas Chapter

Zeta Chapter President: Dr. Adrienne M. Harris (Dept. of Modern Languages and Cultures— German and Russian, College of Arts and Sciences)

  • Alexis Amrhein
  • Rebekka H. Anderson
  • Abigail Block
  • Amanda Nichole Braddock
  • Caitlin Bullard
  • Natalie Bush
  • Benjamin Butler
  • William Chan
  • Aidan Andrews Christopherson
  • João Pedro Costa Grillo Moraes
  • Katherine Cross
  • Jennifer Ashley DeMars
  • Emily Ditzler
  • Eric Kenton Dorris
  • Eric Stefan Dunbar
  • Kendall Joy Elliot
  • Noah Elmore
  • Andrew Joseph Ensenberger
  • Elizabeth Maye Feray
  • Sean Anthony Galli
  • Christina Gaw
  • Caleb Michael Graham
  • Ashlin Gray
  • Christian Lee Gutierrez
  • Grace Hartnett
  • Julia Elizabeth Hawes
  • Sarah Katherine Henn
  • Leigh Christine Hickham
  • Mary High
  • Kathryn Sarah Anne Hill
  • Joy My-Phuong Hoang
  • Rebecca Howard
  • David A. Hsiou
  • Logan Hummel
  • Grayson Richard Jackson
  • Maya Johnson
  • Jamie Sue Jones
  • Chandler Ferrar Jordan
  • Meredith Kim
  • Margaret Mary Klausmeyer
  • Niharika Koka
  • Kinsey Read Lano
  • Alyssa Liang
  • Ella Liu
  • Alexis Lorio
  • Gennie Mansi
  • David Fabrizio Marchese
  • Jada Martin 
  • Cristina Marie Martinez
  • Estelle McKinney
  • Olivia Moffett
  • Taylor Kaye Nack
  • Summer Nguyen
  • Mary Jane Nichols
  • Luke Nordstrom
  • Grace Oliver
  • Kellen Seth Pettus
  • Delaney Kate Pollard
  • Ryan Rahman
  • Harris Adam Rosenblad
  • Lawson Taylor Sadler
  • Lily Kathleen Sandblom
  • Macy Nicole Scott
  • Leslie Short
  • Corrie R. Shrock
  • Bailey Owen Sloan
  • Kylie Noel Smith
  • Margaret Thonnard
  • Amelia Tidwell
  • Collin Jacob Trank
  • Neal Ryan Vogel
  • Anna Kiley Wedler
  • Cannon Elizabeth Williams
  • Daniel Zeter
  • Mark Zimmer
Outstanding Students for 2019-2020
College of Arts and Sciences
Dr. Lee C. Nordt, Dean
  • Aerospace Studies (Air Force ROTC)
    Lt. Col. Paul W. Bryant, Chair

    Stevan Gallegos
    Alvin Nelson

  • Anthropology
    Dr. Michael P. Muehlenbein, Chair

    Katherine Cross
    Christina Gaw

  • Art and Art History
    Prof. Mark W. Anderson, Chair

    Art History-Taylor Brooke Strander
    Studio Art-Kristin Nicole Boyer

  • Biology|
    Dr. Dwayne D. Simmons, Chair

    Mary High
    Ashton Smelser

  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
    Dr. Patrick J. Farmer, Chair

    Jennifer DeMars
    Mark Zimmer

  • Classics
    Dr. Kenneth R. Jones, Chair

    Biochemistry and Classics-Natalie Bush
    University Scholar-Ella Liu
    University Scholar-Bailey Sloan

  • Communication
    Dr. David W. Schlueter, Chair

    Communication Specialist-Katherine Cunningham
    Communication Studies-Rachael Boyt and Sidney Dietze

  • English
    Dr. Kevin J. Gardner, Chair

    Grace Danciu-Masini
    Sarah Henn

  • Environmental Science
    Dr. George P. Cobb, Chair

    Environmental Health Science-Andrea Elena Santa Cruz
    Environmental Science-Haley A. Davis
    Environmental Studies-Katherine Anne Cross

  • Film & Digital Media
    Prof. Christopher J. Hansen, Chair

    Meghan K. Furney
    Megan E. Soulakis

  • Geosciences
    Dr. Steven G. Driese, Interim Chair

    Stephanie A. Krill

  • History
    Dr. Barry G. Hankins, Chair

    Amelia Tidwell
    Neal Vogel

  • Institute for Air Science
    Dr. Trey Cade, Director

    Caleb Gober
    Lily Moorhead

  • Journalism, Public Relations, and New Media
    Dr. Mia N. Moody-Ramirez, Chair

    Advertising-Emma Whitt
    News-Editorial-Bridget Sjoberg
    Public Relations-Katrina Jarnutowski

  • Mathematics
    Dr. Lance L. Littlejohn, Chair

    Stephen Blake Allan
    Luke Isaiah Bazaldua

  • Medical Humanities
    Dr. Lauren A. Barron, Director

    William Garrett Burton
    Amy Kliewer

  • Military Science (Army ROTC)
    Ltc. Janine Robinson-Turner, Chair

    CDT Sakura Martin
    CDT Bryn Odberg

  • Modern Languages and Cultures
    Dr. B. Michael Long, Interim Chair

    Dr. Xin Wang, Interim Division Director

    Sophia Fulton
    Corrie Shrock

    Middle East Studies
    Dr. Xin Wang, Interim Division Director

    Wyatt Packard
    Mary Quarnstrom

    Dr. Cristian Bratu, Division Director

    Cady Malachowski

    Dr. Ann McGlashan, Division Director

    Alexander Goodsuhm

    Dr. Ann McGlashan, Division Director

    Joy Hoang

    Dr. Frieda Blackwell, Interim Division Director

    Sarah Zirkel

  • Museum Studies
    Dr. Kenneth C. Hafertepe, Chair

    Madeline Hausmann
    Zachary Loflin

  • Philosophy
    Dr. Michael D. Beaty, Chair

    Emily Engstrom
    Conner Fastenau

  • Physics
    Dr. Dwight P. Russell, Interim Chair

    Davis Samuel Crater
    Evelyn Maria Guay

  • Political Science
    Dr. W. David Clinton, Chair

    Grace Hartnett
    Amelia Tidwell

  • International Studies
    Dr. Ivy O. Hamerly, Director

    Audrey E. Crites
    Estelle Freeman McKinney

  • Prehealth Studies
    Dr. Richard O. Sanker, Director

    Lilly Carter
    Jada Martin

  • Psychology and Neuroscience
    Dr. Charles A. Weaver III, Chair

    Psychology-Caitlin Claire Bullard
    Neuroscience-Summer Ann Nguyen
  • Religion
    Dr. William H. Bellinger, Jr., Chair

    Joao Pedro Costa Moraes
    Benjamin Jackson Young

  • Sociology
    Dr. F. Carson Mencken, Chair

    Claudia Landa

  • Statistical Science
    Dr. James Stamey, Chair

    Gennie Mansi
    Travis Ross

  • Theatre Arts
    Dr. DeAnna Toten Beard, Chair

    Katrina Jarnutowski
    Daniel Seavers

Hankamer School of Business
Dr. Terry S. Maness, Dean
  • Accounting and Business Law
    Dr. Bradley E. Lail, Chair

    Accounting-Christina Bottenfield
    TSCPA Accounting Excellence-Caroline Dobbs

  • Baylor Business Fellows
    Dr. J. Allen Seward, Director

    Peter Doe
    Kathryn Terrell

  • Economics
    Dr. Charles M. North, Chair

    B.B.A. in Economics

    Jeffrey Chang

  • International Business
    Dr. H. Stephen Gardner, Director

    Graciela Maria Castillo
    Katie Nichols

  • Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation
    Dr. Peter G. Klein, Chair

    Jeremiah Allison

  • Finance, Insurance and Real Estate
    Dr. Shane E. Underwood, Chair

    Finance-Margaret McBride
    Real Estate-Morgan Margolis
    Risk Management and Insurance-Lauren Irish

  • Information Systems
    Dr. Jonathan K. Trower, Chair

    Bailey Faubion
    Kevin Kulda

  • Management
    Dr. P. Blaine McCormick, Chair

    Human Resource Management-Kristen Glinka
    Management-Emily Morris
    Supply Chain Management-Joshua Escobedo

  • Marketing
    Dr. Chris P. Pullig, Chair


    Katie Burton
    Nicholas Wellbaum

    Nonprofit Marketing
    Dr. James A. Roberts, Director

    Tiana Dyson

  • Professional Selling
    Dr. Andrea L. Dixon, Director

    Joshua Rocconi
    Saylor Yoos

    Sports Strategy and Sales
    Dr. Darryl L. Lehnus, Director

    Meredith Waltman

School of Education
Dr. Terrill Saxon, Interim Dean
  • Curriculum and Instruction
    Dr. Brooke Blevins, Chair
  • Elementary Education-Amy Grieser and Kara Tatum
    Middle Grades Education-Jamison Lawrence and Karley Shafer
    Secondary Education-Ethan Carbonaro and Caitlin Righetti Marweg

  • Educational Psychology
    Dr. Grant Morgan, Chair

    All-Level Special Education-Tanner Easley and Emily Holland

School of Engineering and Computer Science
Dr. Dennis L. O’Neal, Dean
  • Computer Science
    Dr. Erich J. Baker, Chair

    Andrew Walker

  • Informatics-Maddie de la Torre

  • Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Dr. Kwang Y. Lee, Chair

    Samuel Skinner
    Tate Smalligan

  • Mechanical Engineering
    Dr. Paul I. Ro, Chair

    Logan Miyauchi
    Lanie Williams

  • B.S. in Engineering
    Dr. Benjamin S. Kelley, Professor of Mechanical Engineering

    Hellen Chen
    Maria Feucht

Robbins College of Health and Human Sciences
Dr. Rodney G. Bowden, Dean
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
    Dr. Diane Loeb, Chair

    Jamie Jones
    Megan Hannas

  • Family and Consumer Sciences
    Dr. Sheri L. Dragoo, Chair

    Apparel Design and Merchandising
    Dr. Rochelle Brunson, Division Leader

    (Design/Product Development) Rachel Iacoboni
    (Merchandising) Madi Valine

  • Child and Family Studies
    Dr. Nicole McAninch, Division Leader

    Hannah Humphreys

    Interior Design
    Prof. Michelle R. Brown, Division Leader

    Maggie Light

    Nutrition Sciences
    Prof. Stanley R. Wilfong, Division Leader

    Merritt Cloud

  • Health, Human Performance, and Recreation
    Dr. Dale Connally, Interim Chair

  • Exercise Physiology Program
    Dr. Deborah Johnston, Director

    Livia Kraus

    Health Science Studies
    Dr. Tricia Blalock, Director

    Marie Meyer
    Madison Powell

  • Public Health
    Dr. Eva I. Doyle, Chair

    Emily Hodges
    Lauren Mogg

Honors College
Dr. Douglas V. Henry, Dean
  • Great Texts
    Dr. Phillip J. Donnelly, Director

    Elisabeth (Eliza) Sims

  • University Scholars
    Dr. Jennifer L. Good, Director

    Grayson Jackson
    Lawson Sadler

School of Music
Dr. Gary C. Mortenson, Dean
  • Division of Academic Studies 
    Dr. Scott McAllister, Director

    Chris Bandy

  • Division of Music Education
    Dr. Michele Henry, Director

    Kasey McMurray
    Emily Monk

Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Dr. Shelley F. Conroy, Dean
  • Louise Herrington School of Nursing
    Dr. Karen Cotter, Associate Dean for Pre-Licensure Programs

    Katie Pricer

  • Dr. Beth Hultquist, FastBacc Coordinator

    Shelby Frugé

Diana R. Garland School of Social Work
Dr. Jon Singletary, Dean
  • Diana R. Garland School of Social Work
    Prof. Melody Zuniga, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

    Hannah Garcia
    Jessica Ullrich