Baylor 2 Programs

Baylor2: Medical and Law Tracks

The BaylorMedical Track Program is a combined 8-year baccalaureate/MD program for selected high ability undergraduate students. Baylor University and Baylor College of Medicine grant six outstanding high school students provisional acceptance to Baylor College of Medicine upon matriculations to Baylor University. CLICK HERE for more information and access to the application. Please direct all questions regarding the Baylorapplication process to

  • “I’m grateful for the freedom I had through B2B program to help make the most out of my time in undergrad. During my four years at BU, I explored my interests in health policy, the sciences, and medical humanities through my classes and Honors thesis, and invested in communities like the Honors Residential College, where I found great friends and mentors. Both my academic experience and personal formation at BU helped prepare me for starting medical school this year at BCM. Medical school is full of new challenges, but I feel well equipped to continue to grow. Getting to study medicine and talk to real patients has been incredibly rewarding. Overall, I’m thankful for my education through BU and BCM and hope to use it to become the best physician I can be.” – Jeffery Wang, Business Fellows major with secondary major in Biology (Honors), Class of 2018
  • "As a member of the B2B program, I knew early on that I would eventually go to medical school and become a physician. With this knowledge in mind, I have sought out opportunities throughout my undergraduate career to be formed in fields outside of the traditional science-focused pre-medicine track. Through the University Scholars major and the Honors Program, I have had the opportunity to delve into theology, medical humanities, and Spanish in an academically rigorous way and to write a thesis that combined my interests in faith and science. These programs have formed me as a person in such a manner that I am better prepared to engage with diverse patient populations, to address the challenges of a biotechnical society, and to view the world through many different historical, philosophical, and discipline-specific lenses. I believe I am a better person and will be a better doctor for this." -Sarah Heady, University Scholar with concentrations in Spanish, Medical Humanities, and Biology, Class of 2019


The BaylorLaw Track Program guarantees six highly-talented freshmen admission into Baylor Law School. Selection into the program carries with it a full scholarship toward a Baylor Law degree. CLICK HERE for more information and access to the application. Please direct all questions regarding the Baylorapplication process to

  • “Being a B2B Scholar is a blessing that has positively shaped every aspect of my life. I was sure that I wanted to go to law school, but the challenge of finding a quality program, and being accepted, was particularly daunting. Now, I can use the time that I would have spent researching postgraduate programs on other academic and service-related opportunities. The B2B Program has given me the freedom to take advantage of all that an undergraduate experience can offer, while still ensuring that I am ready for an excellent postgraduate education at Baylor University.” –Bryce Griffin, University Scholar with concentrations in Philosophy and Political Science, Class of 2020


  • “The B2B Pre-Law program means so much to me. The opportunities available to me through the program better equip me to serve the world through a career in the legal profession. Additionally, the scholarship money it awards has allowed me to fulfill my dream of going to Baylor.” –Clay Dominy, Political Science major with Honors, Class of 2022