Pre-Health & Science


Pre-Med / Pre-Health Opportunities

In addition to the opportunities offered by Baylor University, pre-med/pre-health students in the Honors College have certain benefits available to them. These include:

  • priority registration of classes
  • reserved placements in core, small-section pre-med courses
  • reserved placements in a Genetics CURE lab experience
  • the opportunity to work with faculty on an honors thesis

Additionally, the Honors Residential College is a key contributor to the Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) between Waco Family Health Center (FHC) and Greater Waco Legal Services (GWLS), which seeks to provide FHC patients with low-cost legal counsel through GWLS. At the clinic, HRC student volunteers routinely interact with FHC patients. These students are given the unique opportunity to witness clinical medicine while learning about non-medical factors that contribute to overall patient health.

For more information about programs, the Christian Pre-Health Fellowship (CPF), and research/internship opportunities, please view the links to the left.