Faculty-Written Articles

Dr. Susan E. Colón (Assistant Professor, Honors Program)

    "Elizabeth Gaskell's Wives and Daughters: Professional and Feminine Ideology." Forthcoming from Victorians Institute Journal 35 (Fall 2007).

    "A Weakness, a Sin, or a Mind Diseased: A New Assessment of Cynthia Kirkpatrick." Coauthored with Lacy Lynch (BA Theatre, 2006, Honors graduate.) Gaskell Society Journal 21 (Summer 2007).

    "Professional Frontiers in Elizabeth Gaskell's My Lady Ludlow." Women's Writing 13.3 (October 2006): 487-506.

    "Dickens' Hard Times and Dante's Inferno." The Explicator 65:1 (Fall 2006): 31-33.

Dr. Thomas S. Hibbs (Dean, Honors College)

    Fort Worth Treasure Chest: A Kimbell Museum Exhibit Explores the Nativity of Christian Art

Dr. David L. Jeffrey (Distinguished Professor of Literature & Humanities, Honors Program)

    "The Scandal and the Splendor of Truth," in Joy in the Truth: the Catholic University in the New Millenium, ed. Daniel McInerny (Notre Dame University Press, 2007) [27pp]

    "Ex Corde Ecclesiae and the Trouble with Truth," in The Encyclicals of Pope John Paul II, ed. Tim Perry (InterVarsity Press, 2007) [28pp]

    "Dante and Chaucer on the Sermon on the Mount," in The Beatitudes in Historical Interpretation, eds. Timothy Larsen and Jeffrey Greenman (Baker Academic Press, 2007) [37pp]

    "Wisdom, Freedom, Community, Truth: Moral Education and the Schooled Heart," in Moral Education and the Schooled Heart, eds. Michael Beaty and Douglas V. Henry (Baylor University Press, 2007) [23pp]

    "Habitual Music: the King James Bible Translation and English Literature," in The King James Version and Bible Translation, eds. David Burke and Alistair McGrath (American Bibke Society, 2007) [32pp]

    "Jesus in Literature," in The Cambridge Dictionary of English Literature, ed. Daniel M. Patte (Cambridge University Press, 2007)

    "Was Tolkien Right?, in Tree of Tales, eds. Trevor Hart and Ivan Kovacs (Baylor University Press, 2007) [26pp]

    "Scripture and the Humanities," in The Burden of the Humanities: Past, Present and Future, ed. Wilfrid McClay (Eerdmans, 2008) [33pp]
    "Scripture and the Humanities," (shortened and modified version of the above), Touchstone Magazine (March/April, 2007)