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Baylor in Great Britain 2009

Oct. 22, 2008


July 9 - August 12, 2009

Imperial College, London (next to the Royal Albert Hall)

BGB Preview: October 8, 2008, 3:30-5:00 PM, 5th Floor Cashion

BAYLOR in Great Britain 2009 is the largest and oldest summer study abroad program at Baylor. Available for full-time Baylor students, this 33-day study-travel program starts with a tour in continental Europe (this year the French Riviera: Marseille, Nice, Aix-en-Provence) before settling into its London home at Imperial College. Students may take one or two courses from the sixteen offered by eight different professors.





BSB A.327, phone 710-2240, email: Charles_Weaver@Baylor.edu

Registration begins October 14, 2008

Top priority will be given to complete applications received by October 28, 2008. Please visit http://business.baylor.edu/Steve_Gardner/Britain/ for more information and registration forms

Program Fee: approx.$6250. Includes:

• Accommodations: first-class hotel in France; dormitory rooms in London (Imperial College) and Edinburgh.

• Meals: daily breakfasts and dinners are provided; lunch usually is "on your own" while you are out exploring.

• Ground Transportation: comfortable motorcoaches for travel in Europe, airport transfers in London and our visit to Stonehenge ; 1st-class BritRail pass for nearly unlimited train travel within the U.K.; bus/underground passes for daily travel within London.

• Culture/Entertainment: we will be accompanied by professional tour guides during our time in Europe; our fee includes entry fees or discounted admission to castles, palaces, landmarks, and museums. Fees also are paid to many other events and locations, including Stonehenge; we plan to have a private evening tour of Westminster Abbey.

• Travel Insurance: your fee includes a health insurance plan provided by HTH Worldwide, providing access to services and coverages usually not included in family policies, such as coverage for medical evacuation and repatriation, arrangements for local-currency payment to international hospitals, and access to a 24-hour assistance line for international emergencies.

Airfare: $1750 (approx). This is the estimated fare for our group travel on British Airways, organized by Millennium Tours. This includes all round-trip travel between the United States and London (our groups will depart/return from/to Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston) and round-trip travel between London and Europe.

Program Fee does not include tuition

Baylor in Great Britain 2009



An introduction to the study of civil and criminal law, psychology, and behavior. We will review psychiatric classification and diagnosis, evaluate the legal criteria for "insanity" and "competency," review case histories, discuss decision making by juries, and review the use of expert testimony in legal proceedings. We will visit "Old Bailey," the highest court in England, Bethlem Hospital, the oldest and most notorious psychiatric hospital (originally called a "lunatic asylum" and the origin of the word "Bedlam"), the final home of Sigmund Freud, even study the most famous forensic case in history, Jack the Ripper. (We'll even take a walking tour retracing the scenes of the crimes). Other trips will include Cambridge, home of the Applied Psychology Unit, Oxford, Down House (home of Charles Darwin), Edinburgh, Dover, Brighton, and many others. You'll also have plenty of time to tour all of the British Isles using your first-class BritRail pass. This course is open to both majors and non-majors, with no necessary prerequisites, and will meet daily while in London.

PSY 1305-1B: Introductory Psychology

We will study the major elements of psychology: neuroscience, learning, memory, language, development, psychopathology, social psychology, and psychological treatments. Special emphasis will be placed on the work of European (and especially British) psychologists. We will visit such historical sites as British Museum of Natural History. In addition, we will visit the Freud Museum in London (where Freud spent the final years of his life) and Down House, the home of Charles Darwin (and the site of the Darwin Museum). This will be taught as a "readings course," meeting informally several times a week before dinner, and can be taken as a second course by anyone in the program.

All courses:

Dr. James Henderson--Co-Director

Economics and International Business -

*BUS 3305-1B: Global Business Practices

ECO 4V98-1B: Comparative Health Care Systems Dr. Charles Weaver (710-2240)--Co-Director

Psychology -

*PSY 3380-1B: Forensic Psychology

PSY 1305-1B: Introduction to Psychology

English - Dr. Jesse Airaudi (710-6901)

*ENG 2301-1B: British Literature

ENG 3374-1B: Short Fiction Management - Dr. Patricia Norman (710-6196)

BUS 4385-1B: Strategic Management

MGT 4398-1B: Contemporary Issues in Management and Leadership

Philosophy, History, Medical Humanities - Dr. James Marcum (710-3745)

HIS/MH/PHI 4300-1B: History of Medicine

MH/PHI 4325-1B: Literary and Philosophical Perspectives on Medicine

Marketing - Dr. Mark Dunn (710-6175)

*MKT 3305-1B: Principles of Marketing

MKT 4398-1B: Current Issues in Strategic Marketing

Economics - Dr. Tisha Emerson (710-4180)

ECO 2307-1B: Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 4V98-2B: Political Science - Dr. Rich Riley (710-6050)

PSC 2302-1B: American Constitutional Development

PSC 3304 -1B: Comparative Politics

* indicates primary courses