Class of 2013 Success & Goals

In 2013, Baylor University conferred the Honors Program's largest graduating class with degrees in a variety of academic concentrations Asian Studies, Biochemistry, Entrepreneurship & Marketing, Great Texts, Health Sciences, Language & Linguistics, University Scholars, Medical Humanities, Political Science, Religion, and more!

Our graduates' plans are across the board and include serving in the Armed Forces and for the National Council of U.S./Arab Relations, working for major public accounting firms, teaching English overseas, logistical advising for petroleum companies, working in commercial banking, continuing medical research that began with thesis topics, and the list goes on.

These same Honors Program graduates have been accepted to a number of prestigious medical, law, and graduate schools across the country and internationally, including, but not limited to, the following:


• Baylor College of Medicine
• Emory University School of Medicine
• London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
• University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
• University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
• Vanderbilt School of Medicine


• Columbia Law School
• Duke University School of Law
• Emory University School of Law
• Harvard Law School
• UCLA School of Law
• University of Texas School of Law
• Wake Forest University School of Law
• Washington & Lee University


• Catholic University of America
• Chinese University of Hong Kong
• Duke Divinity School
• Fordham University
• Harvard Divinity School
• Princeton Theological Seminary
• Rice University
• University of Dublin
• Virginia Tech
• Yale University

We expect to hear great stories of success from our alumni and expect even more from our Class of 2014. Stay tuned!