Ph.D. and M.A. Placements

Ph.D. placements across the U.S.

Listen here to an interview with Dr. Elise Leal and Dr. Lynneth Miller on "Surviving the Academic Job Market" or read the article by Dr. Beth Allison Barr on the Anxious Bench.

Recent Ph.D. Graduates

Timothy D. Grundmeier, Ph.D., 2018







Timothy Grundmeier is a full-time faculty member in the Department of History at Martin Luther College (New Ulm, MN). His dissertation,“Making Their Own Faith: Lutheranism and American Culture in the Civil War Era”, was advised by T. Michael Parrish.

Elise Leal, Ph.D., 2018

Elise Leal is an Assistant Professor of Early American History at Whitworth University (Spokane, WA). Her dissertation, “Reforming Manners, Redeeming Souls: Sunday Schools, Childhood, and the Formation of Early Nineteenth-Century American  Religious Culture”, was advised by Thomas S. Kidd.

Lynneth J. Miller, Ph.D., 2018







Lynneth Miller is an Assistant Professor of European History at Anderson University (Anderson, SC). Her dissertation, “‘Satan Danced in the Person of the Damsel’: Dance, Sacrilege,  and Gender, 1280-1640”, was advised by Beth Allison Barr.

Paul Emory Putz, Ph.D., 2018

Paul Putz is a Lecturer in History at Messiah College (Mechanicsburg, PA). His dissertation,“God, Country, and Big-Time Sports: American Protestants and the Creation of ‘Sportianity,’ 1920-1980", was advised by Barry Hankins.

Brendan Payne, Ph.D., 2017






Brendan Payne is an Assistant Professor of History at North Greenville University (Tigerville, SC); he previously taught as an adjunct at Central Texas College and a temporary lecturer at Baylor. His dissertation, "Cup of Salvation: Race, Religion and the Anti-Prohibition in Texas, 1885-1935", was advised by Barry Hankins, and he currently has a book under a contract with Louisiana State University Press. Brendan loves board games, reading, and exploring Upstate South Carolina, which reminds him and his wife, Catherine, of their childhood homes in the Pacific Northwest.

Nicholas Pruitt, Ph.D., 2017







Nicholas Pruitt is the Chair of the Humanities Program and a Visiting Assistant Professor in History at Eastern Nazarene College (Quincy, MA). His dissertation, "Open Hearts, Closed Doors: Native Protestants, Pluralism, and the 'Foreigner' in America, 1924-1965", was advised by Barry Hankins.

Recent M.A. Graduates

Scott Anderson, M.A., 2018

Scott Anderson is an Adjunct Professor of History at The University of Mary-Hardin Baylor (Belton, TX). His thesis, “The Black Brigade of Cincinnati: Martial Volunteerism and the Quest for African-American Citizenship”, was advised by T. Michael Parrish.

Jacob Hiserman, M.A., 2018

Jacob Hiserman is a Ph.D. student in the Department of History at The University of Alabama (Tuscaloosa, AL). His thesis, "Goodwill, Ministers, and Manliness: The Idea of Benevolence in Antebellum American Benevolent Societies and Seminary Education", was advised by Andrea Turpin.

Benjamin Leavitt, M.A., 2018

Benjamin Leavitt is a Ph.D. student in the Department of History at Baylor University (Waco, TX). His thesis, "Defining the Christian College: The Council of Church Boards of Education and American Religious Higher Education, 1911–1950", was advised by Andrea Turpin.

Anna (Redhair) Wells, M.A., 2018

Anna Wells is a Ph.D. student in Historical Studies in the Department of Religion at Baylor University (Waco, TX). Her thesis, "Women on the Move: Representations of Female Pilgrims in Medieval England and Ethiopia", was advised by Beth Allison Barr.