M.A. Program Overview

The Master’s Program in History combines innovative teaching with rigorous seminars in American, European, and Global history. Students may choose concentrations in American, Religious, Medieval, European, Women and Gender, and Global fields. Students may take seminars in advanced 4000-level history courses as well as in other graduate departments. We accept 3-6 highly qualified students per year.

The Master’s Program in History offers:

  • Competitive funding (full tuition and ability to apply for on-campus stipend assistantships)
  • Eligibility for our fully-funded Guittard Award (full tuition and stipend)
  • Collegial and synergistic graduate community
  • Small seminars
  • Teaching opportunities and professional training
  • Support for publication, research, and conference presentation
  • Faculty committed to research, publication, and hands-on mentoring

Outstanding Faculty

Baylor’s Graduate Faculty in History is a uniquely distinctive community of scholars. We understand the significant role played by faculty and especially the advisor in professional academic training. We engage students as junior colleagues, teaching students to follow in the Baylor tradition of excellent teaching and preparing students for success in research, writing, and publishing (academic as well as for the more general public). Faculty excellence in scholarship combined with our serious commitment to faith prepares students for successful careers in teaching, publishing, and broader academic engagement with the modern church.


Beth Allison Barr, PhD: Director of Graduate Studies,
Department of History, One Bear Place #97306
Waco, TX 76798    Phone: 254-710-2667
Email: Beth_Barr@baylor.edu

René Coker-Prikryl: History Dept. Office Manager,
Department of History, One Bear Place #97306
Waco, TX 76798    Phone: 254-710-2667
Email: Rene_Coker-Prikryl@baylor.edu