Benjamin Leavitt

M.A., 2018
High Res Photo

Advisor: Dr. Andrea Turpin

Research Interests: I am broadly interested in American higher education, and am more narrowly interested in the relationship between religion and education in early twentieth century denominational colleges.

Education: B.A. in History, Grove City College (Grove City, PA), 2016.

Awards/Fellowships: Guittard Fellowship, Baylor University (2016-2017); Elinor M. Caruthers Award, Grove City College (2016); Phi Alpha Theta History Award, Grove City College (2016); David E. McKillop Scholarship, Grove City College (2015); ODK Paper of the Year for the Social Sciences, Grove City College (2014 & 2013); Presidential Scholarship, Grove City College (2012).

Publications: “Subjectivity and the American Court: an Analysis of Roper v. Simmons,” Grove City College Journal of Law & Public Policy 5 (2014): 95–110.

Miscellaneous: I was president of the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society for two years as an undergraduate. Also as an undergraduate, I took courses in diverse fields including national security, economics, legal studies, and French.