COVID-19 Testing

BUHS can provide COVID-19 testing (nasal swab) to determine whether a person is currently infected with the virus. BUHS does have the capacity to perform “rapid” testing for COVID-19. Charges for the testing are $ 60.00. Your insurance may cover the cost.

                                                       PROCEDURE FOR COVID-19 TESTING


  1. Call 254-710-1010 to make an appointment for testing.
  2. Go to and login using firstname_lastname and your Baylor password.
  3. Go to Forms and complete Health Center Treatment Agreement, Health Center Privacy Notice (if you have not been seen in our clinic before) and the COVID-19 Screening Form.
  4. Email pictures of front and back of insurance card to
  5. Bring a photo ID to your appointment at North Village Community Center, and enter on the COVID Testing (north) side of the building. Also pack 2-3 days of clothes, your computer, chargers, etc. If you test positive, you will go directly to isolation housing.
  6. A nurse will call you, check your temperature and oxygen, and perform the swab.
  7. You will exit out the back door near the Dutton parking garage.
  8. If you are an on-campus resident, please wait in your car or outside until you get your test result and Baylor certificate.
    1. If you are symptomatic, it is best for you to self-quarantine until your symptoms subside.
    2. If you test positive, you’ll be directed to self-isolation housing for the next 10 days.

Health Services

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