• Physical, Mental, and spiritual wellness
  • Health and Wellness Peer Leaders
  • Recovery for Addiction
  • Group X Classes
  • Addictive Behavior Support

Our Mission

The Department of Wellness provides health education programs and services that help Baylor students develop healthy lifestyles and cultivate a culture of wellness on campus through knowledge and behavior change.


Addictive Behavior Services

The Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center (BARC) houses the Baylor Recovery Program, including one-on-one mentorship, support groups, and social events (see Recovery Program tab); prevention and outreach education; Alcohol and Drug Seminars; one-on-one addiction consultations; and wellness workshops, seminars, training.

Recovery Program

The Baylor Recovery Program is housed within the Beauchamp Addiction Recovery Center and is designed to support students in recovery from substance and behavioral addictions through all-encompassing levels of support.

Fitness & Nutrition

Fitness and Nutrition within the Wellness Department is dedicated to providing programs and services in support of physically healthy lifestyles through group exercise classes, personal training, nutritional consults and services, and special events.

Student Leadership

The Wellness Department offers several ways for students who are interested in health and wellness to lead and serve on campus through being a Fitness and Wellness Peer Leader, by serving on the Student Health Advisory Council, or volunteering to help with on-campus health initiatives.