Billing Information

The Health Center Now Accepts Most Health Insurance

Baylor University Health Services is not a Medicaid/Medicare provider.

How it Works

Many Baylor Students are covered by plans other than the student health insurance policy offered by Baylor. If you are covered by a plan other than the University Sponsored plan, the Baylor Health Center will bill your health insurance company for the services you receive.

What you Pay

You're responsible for a co-payment that will be charged to your student account. The co-payment is determined by your insurance company. You are responsible for services not covered by your insurance plan.

Lab services are provided by Clinical Pathology Lab (CPL). Please ensure that they are in network with your insurance. CPL bills insurance and patients directly.

Don't Have Insurance?

The Baylor Health Center strongly recommends students to maintain adequate health coverage, but services are provided to all Baylor students regardless of their health insurance status. If you do not have health insurance, there will be a charge to visit the Baylor Health Center that will be charged to your student account.

Just Bring your Card

You must present your insurance card at the time of services so the Health Center can begin billing.

More Information

Baylor Health Center: (254) 710-1010

If you have any questions please contact Insurance  Claims Coordinator:
Lisa Bland 254-710-1493
Email: Lisa Bland

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