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Dear Baylor University Student:

We are so pleased that you have selected Baylor University and look forward to serving as your campus health care provider. Health Services provides an array of quality programs for our students.

As you make preparations for the academic year, we encourage you to spend some time reviewing your medical insurance coverage. Many students find that additional insurance coverage is required for themselves or their families. Some have sufficient hospitalization/major medical programs that afford this protection. Most group insurance programs available will cover dependent students until age 26, provided they are enrolled as a full-time student. We recommend that you seriously consider coverage through Baylor University, or the carrier of your choice if (1) the parents/student do not have any coverage, (2) the student has reached the age where he/she is not eligible under a parent's policy.

For those who need additional coverage, we invite you to consider the Health Insurance coverage available through the sponsorship of Baylor University. The cost is reasonable and the benefits are adequate for most students. A description of the Blue Cross Blue Shield plan offered through Baylor University is available for your review. It is important to understand both coverage and exclusions. If you have questions, call the Baylor insurance office at (254) 710-7425.

This protection can be very important to you. We urge your careful consideration.


Sharon Stern, M.D.
Medical Director
Baylor University Health Services


Updated 01/13/2017

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