Lab Services

To get lab tests, you need an order from a healthcare provider. Charges apply. You will need an appointment, please call 254-710-1010

Your healthcare provider should explain how to prepare for a lab test, if needed, but feel free to call with any questions.

Orders from off-campus healthcare providers should be faxed directly to us or brought to us in advance. These tests will be performed by CPL and sent directly from CPL to the ordering provider.

We do perform some tests in our laboratory. Clinical Pathology Laboratories (CPL) performs the tests we cannot and sends us the results. Please ensure that they are in network with your insurance. CPL bills insurance and the patient directly.

Health Services

McLane Student Life Center, 2nd Floor
209 Speight Ave
Waco, Tx 76706
Phone: (254) 710-1010
Fax: (254) 710-2499