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Infection Control

  1. Wash Hands!
    • Keep hands clean by washing with soap and water for 15 seconds or using alcohol-based hand sanitizer


  2. Don't Share!
    • Razors
    • Towels or Wash Cloths, wash them frequently


  3. Keep cuts and scrapes clean and covered with bandage until healed
    • Avoid contact with other people's wounds or bandages


  4. Staph
    • May look like pimple or boil; can be red, swollen, painful, have pus or drainage
    • Is mainly transmitted from a patient's own nose and throat, but may be transmitted skin to skin and from contaminated surfaces
    • Can live on items and surfaces that have been infected, avoid these surfaces
    • Enters in any opening in skin
    • Multiplies in crowded living conditions and with poor hygiene


  5. MRSA Information


  6. Seek medical advice if symptomatic or have any questions


  7. For additional information, view Centers for Disease Control


Reviewed 01/13/2017

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