Boone Powell Award for Excellence in Student Research

This award is presented annually to the student who, in the opinion of the faculty, has compiled the most outstanding graduate management portfolio developed during the residency year. The award was initiated by Mr. Boone Powell, a scholar, long-time friend and faculty member of the Program, and is continued by the Army-Baylor University Alumni Club. The criteria for the award are professionalism, scholarship and scope. By professionalism, it is meant that the writer has selected appropriate problems, where the discussion and proposed solution or amelioration of the problems in question will be of benefit to a defined community or population. Further, the writer will have dealt with the subject in an appropriately collegial way. Scholarship includes thoroughness, appropriate critical analysis, accuracy, and high-quality writing. Scope refers to the depth and breadth of the problems being evaluated.


Award Recipients

2018 - LTC Joe Yancey

2017 - LT Jessica Hamilton

2016 - CPT Seungho Kang

2015 -

2014 - CPT William Chappell

2013 -

2012 -

2011 - MAJ Chris Sloan

2010 - MAJ Jin Jung Chung

2009 - MAJ Dennis Ratliff

2008 - MAJ Daniel Fisher

2007 - MAJ Scott Gregg

2006 - LTC Jeffery Chaffin

2005 - MAJ Kim Aiello

2004 - COL Larry Rothfuss

2003 - MAJ Mark Swofford

2002 - MAJ Richard Hay

2001 - COL George Johnson

2000 - LT John Zeto