Christian Leadership

Christian commitment compels Baylor to foster a caring community on campus and beyond. Missions and interdisciplinary programs made possible by the Baylor Family transform our students and world. Through informed engagement, our Bears grow as leaders and shine brightly through their callings.

Baylor Missions and Public Life

Baylor Missions and Public Life strives to shape Baylor’s faithful engagement with Waco and the world through transformational opportunities for impactful service.

A new mobile emergency response trailer is allowing students to serve on Bear Aid Response Teams that provide timely disaster relief at sites across Texas.

Last year, a total of 111 students, faculty and staff participated in eight domestic mission trips.

Baylor Missions
  • La Place, LA – 2 trips for Hurricane Ida cleanup
  • Mayfield, KY– 2 trips for tornado cleanup and supply distribution
  • Rio Grande Valley – 2 trips to provide nursing/medical care
  • Utah - Pre-Vet Society provided service at an animal sanctuary
  • Miami - Baylor Kappa Kappa Gamma assisted single mothers

Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty

BCHP Baylor Collaborative on Hunger and Poverty (BCHP) develops and implements strategies to end hunger through policy, education, research, community organizing and community development.

As of 2022, BCHP helped create 27 Hunger Free Community Coalitions across Texas, toward a goal of reaching all of the state’s 254 counties by 2030. Domestic success informs its global vision for the future of food security.

The Hunger Data Lab harnesses Baylor’s interdisciplinary resources to provide easy-to-access data that informs and connects those seeking solutions to food insecurity.