Establishing an Endowed Scholarship

Baylor students are special. Whether it is the quality of their scholarship, their faith, their calling to serve, or their view of the world and their place in it, Baylor students are marked by a belief that they can make a difference in this world and that Baylor is where they will learn how to make that difference.

Currently, more than 90 percent of Baylor undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid - whether from scholarship support, federal loans, or private grants. In order to continue attracting and retaining outstanding students - those students who excel academically and who seek out opportunities to shine for Christ in this world - we must increase the amount of scholarship support available to our students.

The Baylor Family's support of scholarships continues to be critical to the growth of this institution. In order to meet the needs found within Illuminate to enhance research output and scholarly performance, the University will need the support of the Baylor Family to create new sources of funding. This includes undergraduate scholarships, graduate fellowships, and post-doctoral fellowships. Increasing these academic awards will help advance the mission and vision of Baylor.

Thank you for your interest in supporting Baylor students. To learn more about establishing an Endowed Scholarship, contact Will Simmons.