1845 Society Legacy Members

1845 Society Legacy Members

Baylor’s rich heritage, forged since the university’s founding in 1845, has been strengthened by men and women who felt compelled by our mission—spurred to give generously so future generations of Baylor Bears may heed the call for worldwide leadership and service in communities around the world.

Members of the Baylor Family who have provided more than $250,000 in support of the University are recognized as lifetime members of 1845 Society, celebrating their legacy of philanthropy and the significance of their contributions to the future of Baylor’s legacy.

Lifetime Members are recognized at three levels:

  • Legacy Member - $250,000: Members will receive exclusive information, event invitations and opportunities to see the impact of their support firsthand.

  • Leadership Level - $1,000,000: Donors at the leadership level also will be recognized through an installation on campus celebrating their visionary support of Baylor University.

  • President's Circle - $5,000,000: To recognize the transformational philanthropy at this level, the President’s Circle also will have prestigious opportunities to engage with the president.

If you have any questions about 1845 Society Legacy membership, please contact Donor_Stewardship@baylor.edu.