From Our Donors: Dr. Cynthia M. Howell

I am originally from Los Angeles, and I discovered Baylor through its hard-copy college catalogue that was shelved in our local public library. After researching many, many colleges and universities, I knew that I wanted to attend Baylor. I majored in English, history and secondary education, and I was also a devoted follower of the School of Music. My Baylor education was essential to whatever professional success I have enjoyed. I made life-long friends there. Most importantly, the Lord was with me throughout my Baylor journey. I am currently an English professor at a small Christian liberal arts college in North Carolina, and my Baylor education still informs my teaching and research. A special shout-out to my wonderful professors, including Clement T. Goode. He was instrumental in shaping my emerging career as an academic! A shout-out too, to my good friends Dr. Gretchen E. Schwarz, Katie Cook, and Donna Maples Burney (also class of '74), who have served at various times on the Baylor faculty.
-Dr. Cynthia M. Howell