From Our Donors: Dr. Melinda Jo Velez

graduated from Baylor University, went to medical school, and began practicing OB/GYN in 2000. Through medical school and residency, I was surrounded by skilled, knowledgeable nurses who taught me a whole lot and kept me (and the patients) out of trouble! Through my years of practice, the nurses with whom I worked were equally important to my patients and their experiences during labor and deliveries, usually happy experiences, and the inductions of unexpected fetal demises, tragic and heart-wrenching events. The labor and delivery nurses frequently spent more time with the patients than I did, as physician, during the actual labor process, and that bond between the nurse and patient was especially important. I relied on the nurses to let me know if there were medical and/or social problems during the labor process. We need to continue to have nurses that are both compassionate and exceptionally well-trained. The Baylor School of Nursing maintains high standards and produces nurses who can perform to the high level expected and required. When I work with nurse from the Baylor School of nursing, I know that I have a nurse whom I can rely on and to whom I can entrust my patients' care.
-Dr. Melinda Jo Velez