Event and Speaker Approval Form

Baylor Law is committed to bringing engaging speakers who have positive, constructive, responsible, ethical, and professional viewpoints to share in a venue marked by civility, factual accuracy, open-mindedness, and mutual respect. (There are also some restrictions regarding those who are political office holders or those seeking to attain a political office. Please see below for more information in the affirmations section.) Baylor Law has a robust schedule of programming each quarter for students. In addition to Professional Development Program ("PDP") events, faculty and student organizations frequently schedule events to provide additional learning and academic opportunities to Baylor Law students. To keep our calendar and events coordinated, all student organizations requesting to host certain types of events must submit the following form.

This form must be submitted if you are hosting an event that:

  1. Invites an outside speaker (someone who is not a faculty or staff member at Baylor Law);
  2. Invites audience members who are not Baylor Law students, faculty, or staff; or
  3. Involves an activity requiring outside vendors (e.g., catering, etc.) or physical activities at the law center (dinner in the student lounge, yoga on the back lawn, bringing your pet to a mixer on the back lawn, etc.).
  4. Involves PDP topics such as wellness; practical skills; diversity, equity, inclusion, & belonging, professional formation and leadership, managing and building your career, law practice, and professionalism and ethics.

You should not submit this form if you are simply hosting a meeting for your organization members. In that instance, you may simply visit with Terri Kroll to reserve an available room.

If the above situations apply, please complete the form below and submit the form at least four weeks prior to your planned event. (Note: If submitting a request for a potential PDP event, please be sure to comply with the guidelines regarding the event, including submitting the form prior to the sixth week of the preceding quarter before the event.) We will respond to your request within two weeks of submission of this form. If you have questions, comments, or concerns, please reach out to Katheirne Sims.  

Step 1Event Details

Step 2Confirm Event and Speaker Approval Request

Step 3Finished

Event Details

By submitting this form, you are affirming the following:
  • Neither you, nor anyone in your organization, has invited or checked availability with the speaker (invitations cannot be extended prior to the receipt of approval);
  • You have done your own due diligence search on the speaker or program to assure that the above standard is met (speakers must have positive, constructive, responsible, ethical, and professional viewpoints to share in a venue marked by civility, factual accuracy, open-mindedness, and mutual respect). You must disclose in your application any information that bears negatively upon these standards, or is otherwise negative in nature given the mission of Baylor Law, or contrary to the professional responsibility norms of the legal profession (this information should be provided in the “other” field above);
  • You understand that political office holders and aspirants to, or candidates for, political office, regardless of jurisdiction, who are involved in a primary, run off, or general campaign to attain or retain a public office, may not speak at the law center during the pendency of their campaigns or activity to obtain office;
  • You have checked the events calendar (available on Baylor Law Student Organizations website under “Baylor Law Calendar”: click here for link) to avoid conflicts with other programs;
  • The proposed event is not to take place within four weeks of submission of request. If you are submitting a proposal for a Professional Development Program event, it must be submitted prior to the sixth week of the preceding quarter (see the Baylor Law Student Organizations website under “PDP and LDP Credit”: click here for link);
  • You have visited with your faculty advisor about the time, place, speaker (if applicable), and audience;
  • You understand that some events require approval from Baylor University (such as events that require Student Activities, Risk Management, or Office of General Counsel assessment), and that Dean Rispoli will advise you if these apply after submission; and
  • You understand that by submitting this form, we will endeavor to provide space and time for an event that complies with these protocols, but we cannot guarantee that the proposed event will take place.