Reminder for Hourly-Paid Staff Members

Dec. 10, 2012

Regarding the December 28, 2012 paycheck - pay period of 12/9/12-12/22/12:

The official Baylor holiday begins Monday, 12/24. It is very important for those not working any time on Saturday to complete their timesheets and submit for approval prior to leaving for the Christmas holidays.

Carol will work on Sunday, December 23, to process the payroll but can only process the timesheets that are submitted and approved. She will not be able to track down employees or approvers that have not done their part. If your timesheet has not been completed and approved by 12/23/12, you will not be paid on 12/28/12.

One more important note - please be sure your holiday time is always entered correctly on the holiday line and not as worked, unless you actually work.

Special Note on Personal time - The maximum on personal time allowed is 48 hours. To receive your full 3-day accrual for 2013 your current total accrual of Personal time must be at 24 hours or below. This year the last day to use personal time in 2012 is 12/22. Personal time for 2013 will be added in the 1/11/13 payroll.