Campus Diversity Committee

Sept. 20, 2012

What the CDC is....

A Committee that seeks to ensure an academic environment that welcomes, recognizes, respects and celebrates the personal heritage of all campus constituents.

What it does....

The Committee encourages and promotes programs that recognize, respect, and celebrate diversity and community campus-wide throughout the year by awarding grants to applicants that can demonstrate innovative leadership and service through events and programs designed to enhance the climate of understanding and respect within the Baylor community.

From committee chair, Lexi English...

Baylor University recognizes the importance of creating a campus climate that welcomes, respects, recognizes and celebrates the personal heritage of the individuals that make Baylor who she is today. It is for this reason the Campus Diversity Committee was formed in 2008. This Committee has representatives from the faculty and staff, as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

In addition to the grant applications awarded by the CDC throughout the year, each spring the committee calls for nominations for the BU Annual Diversity Award. This award is given to individuals, organizations, or programs within Baylor University that strengthen and promote respect for diversity through leadership and service.

The third recipient of this award is Dr. Mia Moody-Ramirez. She is described as "a tireless worker on behalf of diversity in both academia and in the mainstream world, a living, breathing example of acceptance, and a real inspiration to many of us." She was one of the first academic's to apply quantifiable research and scholarship to the world of new media and race and gender relations. She is widely published in journals and articles, serves on panels, presents at conferences and symposiums, she is active with the Journalism, PR & New Media department and the university at large, continues to make strides in her field with cutting-edge research, and serves as a mentor to many African American students regardless of major.

Four letters of support were submitted with her nomination from her colleagues across campus and we are happy to award Dr. Moody-Ramirez with this year's diversity award.

The Campus Diversity Committee looks forward to receiving grant applications throughout the year and nominations for the 2013 BU Annual Diversity Award.

For more information: visit the CDC website.