Global Health Student Network

Welcome to the Global Health Student Network! We are aiming to create a community of interdisciplinary students who advocate for global health equity and greater healthcare access around the world. 

  1. To expose, cultivate, and equip student leaders in Global Health at Baylor
  2. To strengthen our Global Health conversation, research, and service at Baylor
  3. To unify a diverse set of students in their pursuit of career in Global Health

Goals & Objectives
  1. To participate in longitudinal local service in Waco, TX
  2. To connect students with equitable global service opportunities
  3. To support Global Health causes through fundraising efforts
  4. To provide Global Health speaker events, research, workshops, and resources for Baylor students


Celine Rukiidi

Senior, Biology

As a student on the pre-medical track at Baylor, I knew I wanted to be a part of the Global Health conversation on campus. My passion to fight for equity in the field of healthcare, at home and abroad, has inspired my work on in building the Global Health Student Network. My long-term career goal is become an empathetic, culturally sensitive primary care physician that works with underserved populations in my community. Specifically, I am interested in meeting the healthcare needs of immigrant and refugees in the U.S.

Esther Jeong

Senior, University Scholar

My passion for Global Health comes from my experiences in the Middle East as well as my time as a pre-med student at Baylor. There is a need and urgency for a dialogue for Global Health in the pursuit of equity, which encouraged me to partner with Celine to build the Global Health Student Network. My professional goal is to intersect medicine and Public Health as a physician and advocate for the underserved. My personal goal is to be empathetic and mindful as I continue to open my perspectives and interact within multidisciplinary teams. 


Ryan Parker

Education Co-Director

My name is Ryan Parker, and I am a junior anthropology major on the pre-health track. Global health is important to me as a way to demonstrate and fulfill the Christian mission of justice and mercy across the globe. I recognize that furthering the goals and values of global health can help to ensure a more equitable, profitable, socially just, and sustainable world for all and hope to take part in furthering those ideals. After graduation, I hope to attend graduate school to continue my studies in medical anthropology and epidemiology, learning both quantitative and qualitative methods to apply to future public health research. Someday, I hope to work with an international organization or NGO in order to assess and implement global health actions worldwide.

Justin Nguyen

Education Co-Director

I’m interested in Global Health because of the massive intersections between international cooperation and regional areas in terms of health policy, equity, and different treatments for patients. I’m hoping to become a physician in the future who is able to advocate for underrepresented communities on a global scale and work with international organizations such as the United Nations. 


Saisha Singh

Partnership Co-Director

My name is Saisha Singh, and I am a junior Biology (Global Health Concentration) major on the pre-medical track. I am fascinated by the influence of global health on various aspects of medicine. As a Nepali-American, I have observed disparities in terms of healthcare, wealth, and education abroad; while many think these issues are reserved for developing countries, they permeate systems in the United States and other developed countries. I believe that healthcare inequity must be eliminated to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to lead healthy lives and I hope to do this by working at the intersection of medicine, research, and policy. 

Leah McAleer

Partnership Co-Director

My name is Leah McAleer, and I am a junior Business Fellows and Economics major on the pre-medical track. I am passionate about global health equity and a firm believer that achieving global health equity starts in local communities. Health disparities are broad and require a multidisciplinary approach in which people of different occupations, specialties and backgrounds come together, sharing the common goal of making medicine and the medical field more equitable for all patients. In my future career, I hope to be able to further this work as a physician, bringing equitable treatment access to medicine to my patients.

Alysia Martinez

Research Director

Howdy! My name is Alysia Martinez, and I am a Junior Cell and Molecular Biology major on the pre-medical track with minors in Biochemistry and Music. As an aspiring physician-scientist, my goal is to utilize my passion for science and research in order to love and serve others through the presentation and education of global health disparities and healthcare inequities. It is important that we address global health as a driving force in our efforts to mitigate the inequities we observe locally and globally so that we might contribute to a world where people may pursue healthier and more equitable lives. I hope to pursue my MD/ PhD in efforts to advance patient advocacy, and global health research.

Isha Gondi

Advocacy Co-Director

Isha Gondi is a senior Health Science Studies major on the pre-medical track with minors in business administration and chemistry. She loves the multiple disciplines that make up global health which require creativity and innovation to create access to healthcare across the globe.  Isha has worked on various initiatives within the global health field over the past 3 years with partners such as Association of Los Angeles Physicians of Indian Origin (ALAPIO), Global Surgery Student Alliance (GSSA), United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The Global Alliance for Surgical, Obstetric, Trauma, and Anaesthesia Care (G4 Alliance) and the International Student Surgical Network (InciSioN). Isha hopes to attend medical school and become a surgeon. She wants to continue her passion for global health by working on global health initiatives even as a physician.

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