Global Health Academy

The Baylor Global Health Academy is a collaboration involving students and faculty from across the University. The challenges we face in global health are what we call "wicked problems," those that are so complex and interrelated that they simply cannot belong to one single discipline, one single approach, or one single profession. As we seek to address these challenges, and especially to equip an emerging generation of empathic and ethical innovators, problem solvers, researchers, advocates, and healthcare providers, the Global Health Academy is a space for Baylor students and faculty to convene, explore, analyze, and act. Whether you come from anthropology or chemistry, public health or environmental science, political science or biology—or, frankly, anywhere in between—the Global Health Academy welcomes you into the conversation. If you are interested in global surgery, global and local engagement, ethics, conferences, Global Health research, or advocacy, you have a place here.

There are two main ways to engage: the larger Global Health Student Network or the more rigorous and focused Global Health Fellows. Take some time to learn more!

“The idea that some lives matter less is the root of all that is wrong with the world” –Paul Farmer

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