Civic Engagement & the Core Curriculum

The Arts and Sciences core curriculum, taught within a community of Christian scholars, enables men and women to acquire the knowledge, skills, and virtues needed to uncover and recognize truth, to deepen their faith, to live virtuously, to strengthen their communities, and to affect the world in transformative ways.

Over the course of the next few years, the College of Arts & Sciences is in the process of implementing a Civic Engagement component to the Core Curriculum.  As we phase in the requirement, students, at present, may substitute one of the following courses with a Civic Engagement experience in place of their Lifetime Fitness requirement:

  • HIS 3300, Methods of Oral and Public History
  • HIS 3301, Internship in History
  • JOU 3366, Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations
  • PPS 1100, Introduction to Citizenship and Community Service
  • PPS 1102, Community Law Enforcement
  • PPS 2301, Leadership and Social Change
  • PPS 3300, Citizenship, Community, and Service Learning
  • PPS 3301, Public Policy Innovation and the Common Good
  • PPS 3302/PSC 3302, Criminal Justice and Community Law Enforcement
  • PPS 3372/PSC 3372, Law, Justice, and the Community
  • PPS 4310, Philanthropy, Civil Society, and the Public Good
  • PPS 4V98, Advanced Study in Philanthropy and Social Innovation
  • PSC 3382, Public Service Internship
  • PSC 3392, Washington Internship
  • PSC 3398, Bob Bullock Internship
  • PWR 3300, Technical Writing
  • PWR 3318, Writing for the Workplace
  • REL 2480, Introduction to Ministry
  • SIC 4V98, Special Topics in Innovation

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