Baylor Pre-Med in Dublin

The Baylor Pre-med in Dublin program is unique in that it combines study abroad with research opportunities.  Our Office is proud to partner with the Center for Global Engagement and the Office of Prehealth Studies in promoting this rich engaged learning experience for pre-med students.

Dublin, Ireland

GPA Minimum: 3.3

Terms: Spring ONLY

Major: Bio majors, PreHealthcare students, and other Life Science students

Requirements: Students MUST have completed and passed: CHE 3331: Organic Chemistry I and BIO 2306: Genetics by the time of departure.

**This program is only open to the above majors who will be second semester sophomores at time of program departure.

Students will live and study at University College Dublin (UCD) and take courses led by UCD professors and an accompanying Baylor professor.  This program will accept between 30 and 40 students.

A pre-med specific semester study abroad will allow students to stay on track with required STEM coursework, while simultaneously forming relationships with Baylor faculty and their peers.

This is a study abroad experience for pre-med and other life sciences students and will cultivate cultural competence in interpersonal relationships and also offer insight into differences in US healthcare systems versus those abroad.

Students will take a total of 4 courses during the semester.

Students will be required to take the following two courses:

  1. Organic Chemistry II (CHE 3332) - taught by a UCD Professor
  2. Elective (course TBD) taught by Baylor Professor and residency director Dr. Sim.

For their 3rd course, students will choose one of the following courses:

  • Molecular Cell Biology (BIO 3342)
  • Genetic Basis of Diseases (BIP 3330)
  • Laboratory research class/experience
  • Elective (course TBD - Possibly Physiology BIO 3322)

For their 4th course, the UCD catalog is open and students may elect any course they are qualified to take.

*All courses listed above are subject to change.

**All students will be automatically enrolled in GBL 1102, an online 1 credit course on cultural competency that will be tailored to the pre-med specific semester.



To be eligible for acceptance to the Baylor Pre-Med in Dublin program, students must have completed and/or met the following requirements:

  • Completed CHE 3331: Organic Chemistry 1
  • Completed BIO 2306 Genetics
  • GPA: 3.3
  • Sophomore status at time of program departure
  • Good academic standing with the University

This is a highly competitive program and selection into the program will take into account a number of factors.  Please take the BearsAbroad application seriously! 

If you have questions about the application process, contact the Program Coordinator in the Center for Global Engagement by calling 254-710-1258.

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