Student Research Opportunities in Statistical Science

Below you will find a listing of all available research opportunities in Statistical Science. Please use the contact information listed in each posting for further information regarding the research opportunities.

Joshua Patrick

Exploring spatio-temporal structure of solar irradiance data

Power generated by solar energy is highly correlated on the measured solar irradiance. The largest source of the variation in the irradiance is due to cloud movement. In the absence of cloud movement data, we rely on the correlation structure of the irradiance data only. In the project, we use graphical and numerical techniques to explore the correlation structure of the irradiance data in both time and space. This structure is important for the statistical modeling of solar irradiance. This project will rely heavily on software use, in particular, the statistical software package R.

Recommended Pre-requisites: STA 2381 or STA 3381
Course Credit Offered: Yes
Begin Date: August 2018
Semesters Available: Fall, Spring
Contact Information:

Office of Engaged Learning

One Bear Place #97344
Draper 244
Waco, TX 76798

(254) 710-3231