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Giving to the Philanthropy and Public Service Program is, on the one hand, a bit unusual: it is giving to a program that will, in turn, give your dollars away. On the other hand, one can scarcely think of a better, more high-impact way to give.  The reason is because of the amplification-- the magic-- that happens for the short time our students steward your gifts.  In fact, they said it best: "When you support our Philanthropy Initiative your gift is multiplied exponentially." This happens in two ways:

  1. For starters, your dollars will be strategically given to social causes and organizations that are thoroughly vetted through a semester-long due diligence process, guided by our students' commitments to innovation, sustainability, compassion and prudence. Twenty students, researching together for four months, can gather far more information than any one person or family on their own. 
  2. Along the way, this process transforms the worldview of dozens of students-- future leaders-- inspiring them to become lifelong givers and social innovators.

There are two ways you can partner with us:  

  • The Philanthropy & Public Service Excellence Fund puts your dollars immediately in the hands of our students, who will make high impact grants in the ensuing weeks and months. 
  • The Philanthropy & Generosity Endowed Fund, a fund with a remarkable story. It originated when a group of 20 students enrolled in Philanthropy & the Public Good applied for and received a grant in Fall 2015, and they decided that they would like to make a permanent mark with the funds they received.  They established this endowment as a lasting way to ensure that future generations of Baylor students would be afforded the same opportunity they had been given to develop as civic leaders and strategic philanthropists.  Gifts to the endowment will help us sustain this initiative for the long haul.

All gifts, big and small, go a long way toward enriching our communities and transforming our students.  Please consider partnering with us.  You can contribute securely online by clicking the "Give" button at the bottom of your screen, or simply by clicking here

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