Core Convictions

Students on our campus have experienced wild success in identifying the place where their talents and passion intersect with great need. In that juncture, our undergraduates have created, organized, revitalized, expanded, and served in efforts such as Campus Kitchen, Habitat for Humanity, World Hunger Farm, Waco Community Training Center, Mission Waco, Texas Hunger Initiative, LEAF (Learning English Among Friends), and BIPI (Baylor Interdisciplinary Poverty Initiative).

The narratives of student leadership at Baylor--variegated and layered--nontheless tend to pivot upon core truths:

  • that we find ourselves in giving ourselves away,
  • that selfless acts remove ego and personal agendas from projects quite profitably,
  • that brilliant ideas generate an energy uniquely their own,
  • that unifying a group of people around a clear vision for attaining a worthy goal will be effortful--demanding better communication, greater knowledge, and more humility than one suspects,
  • and that ambition, grit, and a virtuous cause are companionable bedfellows.

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