Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to keep a minimum GPA?

Yes. The minimum overall GPA is 3.5 to remain a science research fellow.  If the GPA drops below a 3.5, the student will receive a warning and has one semester to bring up their GPA. If the student is unable to improve their GPA after one semester, they will be removed from the program. Once removed from the program, the requirements for their new major will have to be met, which could include a second language and English.

What classes do I have to take?

It will all depend on what your goals are in the future.  If you want to go to graduate school to get a Ph.D. in Chemistry, your classes will be mostly related to chemistry.  However, you will not have to take all the requirements needed for a chemistry degree, and you can substitute classes.  A chemistry degree will require the student to take the biochemistry offered by the chemistry department only, but a science fellow may take the biochemistry offered by the biology department (cell physiology).

A student that wants to obtain an MD/PhD will take the courses recommended to apply to medical school.

Do I need a second language?

SRF majors do not have a second language requirement.  We are not against second languages (or third) and if a fellow wants to take a second language we will be happy to help.

How many English courses do I have to take?

The one required English is ENG 3300, scientific writing.  It has a prerequisite of English 1302, which most science fellows bring as AP credit.  If you do not have the AP credit, you can take it at Baylor your first semester.

What are the other requirements?

Other requirements are Chapel, Political Science (PCS 2302 – American Constitutional Development), Religion 1310 (The Christian Scriptures), and Religion 1350 (Christian Heritage).  In addition, a research fellow student must keep a 3.5 overall GPA.

What happens with the requirements if the student drops SRF?

If a student is removed from SRF or decides to change their major, all the requirements for their new major on the year they came to Baylor will apply.  For example, if an SRF changes to Biology, they would have to take a second language and satisfy the English requirements.

Can I have a minor?

Absolutely!  We highly encourage minors.  Minors require around 18 credit hours (9 of them at the 3000-4000 level) of classes.  For more information on specific class requirements consult your class catalog. A minor does not need to be in science, it can be anything that interests you, like history, international relations, philosophy, professional writing,etc...

Fellows that want to add a minor or even a secondary major are encouraged to come to our office so we can carefully plan your schedule together. 

Can I become a Science Research Fellow after starting at Baylor?

At this moment, only incoming freshman can be accepted into the Science Research Fellows.

What is the difference between a science fellows and any other science major?

There are several differences.  First, a lot of mentoring and help.  We carefully advise and guide the fellows in the process of selecting a research professor during their first year.  The mentoring does not stop there. The fellows get reminders for applications for research program applications, national and international fellowships, and other opportunities that other students are probably not aware are available.

Second, the SRF students do not have to take all the classes required for a regular science major but can take most of the classes and add other ones that are of interest to the student.  They must complete the requirements needed for any class they want to take. 

Third, the SRF group is small and close knit.  During the year 2019-2020, there will only be 29 fellows in the Baylor campus.  We are a close family and we take care of each other.

Can I get into graduate school with a major so unusual?

We will make sure you take the classes required for your field and will help you get into graduate school with letters of recommendation.  As a matter of fact, part of the letter of recommendation explains the SRF major and its requirements.

Are there scholarships associated to the Science Fellows?

Unfortunately, we do not offer any scholarships at this time. 

Can I join a lab my first year?

We ask the fellows to not to join a lab for at least their first semester.  The first year fellows get to know the research faculty and their projects.  Students will select a professor no later than March of their first year.  They are required to join a research lab at the start of their sophomore year and remain in that lab until they graduate from Baylor. The majority of our fellows are in a lab working by the end of their first year even though it is not required.

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