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The Office of Engaged Learning is the central hub of programs through which faculty and staff nurture students and link transformative academic studies to real world opportunities.  Our office brings together mentoring opportunities for students in the Fine Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and the Sciences, empowering our undergraduates to:

  • participate in meaningful research,
  • engage in work for the good of the community,
  • explore the world through study abroad,
  • gain valuable professional experience through internships, and
  • compete for major fellowships and awards at the national and international level. 

Those of us working in the Office of Engaged Learning are dreaming big. We hope to help our students win more major scholarships, awards, and internships. We want to achieve a Carnegie Classification in community engaged learning. We want more of our students to be able to enjoy the benefits of study abroad programs and professional internships, and we want the number of students publishing their own original research to soar. Most importantly, we want to expand and enrich the circles within which our students move and have their being so they might strive toward what the First Epistle to Timothy calls "the life that really is life," where they maximize their own potential for the good of their neighbors, friends, families, communities, and the world at large.


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