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The Office of Engaged Learning is the central hub of programs in which faculty and staff help students maximize their undergraduate experience through learning beyond the classroom, linking transformational education to opportunities for application.

Sep. 14, 2022
Goldwater Workshops & Deadlines 2022
This year’s Goldwater National Scholarship competition has begun. The scholarship provides up to $7,500 per year for the remainder of your Baylor career, and Baylor students have enjoyed tremendous success with Goldwater, including many recent years with more than one winner.
May 23, 2022
Baylor Connections - Dr. Andrew Hogue
Baylor students have set an incredible standard this year in the number of prestigious scholarships and fellowships received—Fulbright, Goldwater, Churchill and more. In this Baylor Connections, Andy Hogue, who serves as Associate Dean of Engaged Learning in the College of Arts & Sciences and directs Baylor’s Office of Engaged Learning, highlights the meaning and impact of these honors and examines the reasons these numbers continue to grow.
May 5, 2022
Baylor Adds Record-Extending 14th Fulbright, Two Boren Award Recipients
Baylor University students continue the momentum of a record-setting 2021-2022 academic year of attaining some of the most prestigious national and international scholarships and awards, including another Fulbright and two Boren Awards.
May 5, 2022
Return on Investment: Engaged Learning Leads to Record Student Success
This spring, a record-shattering number of Baylor University students and their faculty mentors have been honored with some of the most prestigious – and highly competitive – national and international scholarships and awards, reflecting the University's growing investment in the Office of Engaged Learning (OEL).

Scholar Profiles

Daniel Burch
Critical Language Scholarship to Tajikistan, 2021

Carolyn Carper
Fulbright Award to the Royal Veterinary College (UK), 2021

Jonathan Chew
Mitchell Scholarship to University College Dublin, 2022

Sophia Fulton
Charles B. Rangel Fellowship to Columbia University, 2021

Joelle Kim
Fulbright Future Scholarship to Australia, 2021

Katerina Levinson
Barry Scholarship to Oxford University, 2021

Cassidy Parshall
Rotary Global Grant to the University of Edinburgh, 2021

Kate Rojales
Barry Goldwater Scholarship, 2021

Emily Schultz
Churchill Scholarship to Cambridge University, 2021

Alexis Simmons
Barry Goldwater Scholarship, , 2021

Maria Torres
Boren Fellowship to the Czech Republic, 2021

Anne Walker
Boren Scholar to Indonesia, 2021

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