The Baylor University Laboratory & Research Safety Committee (LRSC)is responsible for carrying out institutional policies that will safeguard our community and the well-being of our laboratory personnel. The LRSC reviews all research involving biological materials including but not limited to whole animals/animal materials, whole plant/plant materials, insects/arthropods (all stages), human, infectious or potentially infectious agents, and various field research activities. The LRSC will also review protocols and risk assessments that utilize infectious or potentially infectious biological materials, hazardous chemical agents, toxins and nanoparticles; hereafter referred to as hazardous materials. Teaching and research investigators are asked to complete protocol summaries and risk assessments corresponding to proposed research objectives prior to initiating new research.

EHS member(s) responsibilities include:

  • Performance of periodic inspections of laboratories
  • Perform and review the required protocol summaries and corresponding risk assessment(s)
  • Develop emergency plans for handling accidental spills, personnel contamination, and investigate laboratory accidents
  • Provide advice on laboratory security to the LRSC research personnel
  • Provide technical advice on various laboratory and research safety procedures